Care Instructions

Please use a natural bristle brush for the cleanliness and care of the fur. Brush the fur in the direction of the feather, as well as in the opposite direction to get rid of dust. 

For a deeper cleaning or for spot cleaning, dip the brush in water, shake it off and brush it in the direction of the feather. Use more water in wrinkled areas. Once the garment is dry, hold from the bottom and shake it off, with the top side facing down. Through this process, the feathers will be cleaned and polished, and the dust will be cleaned from the deep feathers. This process will avoid the risk of getting moth, as the dust will be cleaned. 

Avoid wearing the fur during rain. If caught in rain, the fur should be hang-dried, should not be near a heating source and should not be put in a closet when wet.  

Please make sure to take care of your garment as explained, especially in the summer when it will be put away, or get it dry cleaned. 

Do not wash the garment in the machine. 

If you want to be in a fulfilling, nurturing long-term relationship with your garment, please take good care of it.