Sailor Moon Scarf
Sailor Moon Scarf

Sailor Moon Scarf

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We are happy to announce our new collection 'Mystic Space' and proud to present our new printed puffer scarves.  

In this collection, we are offering distinctive fashion forward prints that quickly catch attention. While creating this print we are inspired by one of the most famous Japanese anime series ''Sailor Moon''. If you are a 90's child you would definitely remember the saga of our superheroes. Our main character Sailor Moon aka Usagi Tsukino, is the Soldier of Love and Justice. She is the sole person who can wield the ultimate source of absolute and limitless power, the Silver Crystal. She also holds the power of love, the ultimate form of power known in the Sailor universe. Through her power of love, she is able to heal and restore what is broken and tainted. Our scarf symbolizes this healing power of love and ultimate justice which our world truly needs. While wearing 'Sailor Moon Scarf' you can easily go back to your lovely childhood and become a heroine of your daily life. Remember to use the famous catchphrase: 

In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!”

With its crescent moon motifs, 'Sailor Moon Scarf' will be your favourite statement piece. 

Puffer scarf 
Checkers&crescent moon print in green and brown
Internal zip pockets
L: 200 cm/78 inch
Dry clean only

Main 100% Polyester
Padding  100% Polyester